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Ever wonder why some leaders seem to be productive and have it totally together? They are calm and collected yet assertive and confident. They make problem-solving seem effortless and always have time for everyone. The most productive and effective leaders have a number of habits that help them to be their best everyday. Read on to see what they are.

  • Looking after body and mind: Productive leaders have one thing straight: They understand that regular exercise is essential for success. All high achievers carve their workout into their day whatever way they can. Exercise keeps you alert, gives you more energy, and helps you to focus. This, combined with regular meditation to calm the mind, keeps stress at bay.

  • Rising early: Rising early is another habit that many successful people share. Life is too short to waste it sleeping. Don’t get me wrong; you still need to get at least seven in, but getting up early takes advantage of the most productive time of the day for most adults: the morning. You can often get more done in the mornings while others sleep; you also run into less traffic and fewer people at the gym. Whatever you need time for, the early morning will give it to you.

  • Becoming excellent at communication: Communication is key for a productive leader. Ensure that all members of your team have clarity around their roles and responsibilities and are clear about the common goals and purpose. Without regular and clear communication, you waste time with confusion, mistakes, and misunderstandings. A productive leader is an excellent communicator.

  • Doing what only they can do: Productive leaders understand their limitations, one of them being time. They know they can’t do everything and be effective, and for this reason, they have become excellent delegators, doing only the work that only they can do.

  • Creating an environment of trust: An environment of trust is essential for a productive work environment. When team members trust each other and their leader, they’ll be more engaged and happier at work. Productive leaders also do as they say and follow through.

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