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If you’re serious about getting organised, you will need to invest in some basics tools for your productivity toolkit. Your productivity toolkit consists of all the things that you will use daily to keep your work space ordered, structured and clutter free.

  • A calendar: Whether paper or electronic, you need a calendar to track your appointments and meetings and plan time for your work to do.

  • A task management app: A task management app is great for storing all your tasks to do. Choose an app that allows you to categorise your tasks into different projects.

  • An in-tray: Use your in-tray to put all your unprocessed work. Anything that you haven’t defined exactly what needs to be done with should go in the in-tray.

  • A filing tray: Use a filing tray(s) to separate paperwork that needs to be filed from actionable work.

  • Manila folders: To keep your paperwork organised, you need a bunch of manila tabbed folders. Create a folder for each project.

  • A labeller: A labeller helps keep your files looking pretty and also makes them easy to find.

  • A step file organiser: A step file organiser is ideal for your work in progress. Use it to house your current files and paperwork on your desk. Add labelled manila folders, and you’ll always have the file you need at hand.

  • A notebook: You can’t beat pen and paper. Sometimes it’s best to pick up a pen and jot down your good ideas, your plans, or the things you don’t want to forget about.

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