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Drumming up business as a personal trainer may start from a simple a phone call. Use these tips to reassure a prospective client of your personal training ability, make them feel comfortable, and answer any questions or concerns they have.

  • Introduce yourself by name and position. “This is Pat Pectoral of Pat’s Perfect Personal Training.”

  • Ask for your prospect’s first name, then use it when addressing her questions. But don’t overdo this, or you’ll sound like a particularly insincere used-car salesman.

  • Ask how you can help her. Then let her talk, and make sure you listen.

  • Ask questions if you’re not clear on the caller's needs. Your job is to find out what the caller is looking for and how you can give it to her. Ask questions to clarify the prospect’s needs.

  • Modify your rate of speech to match your caller’s. This is an old trick that helps the prospect feel comfortable with you.

  • Let her know it’s okay to interrupt you if she doesn’t understand what you’re saying. Talking with a trainer can be intimidating — especially for someone who isn’t a big exerciser! Assure the prospect that she can ask you anything at any time.

  • Keep your answers short and definitive. Getting too wordy can confuse your caller or make her lose interest in you.

  • No matter what your mood, be upbeat and maintain a positive attitude. You want to exude health and confidence.

  • Smile during your conversation. Your caller can hear it!

  • Make sure your voice reflects enthusiasm and cheer.

  • Speak with confidence. As the saying goes, “It’s not what you say but how you say it!”

  • Know what you’re talking about. If you don’t know an answer, admit it — don’t make one up.

  • Make notes to refer back to during the conversation. That way you can go back if you have a question about something the prospect said.

  • If you’re able to schedule an initial consultation with the potential client, reiterate the date, time, and location of your next meeting before closing the conversation.

  • Always thank the prospective client for calling, and wish her a good day/afternoon/evening before saying goodbye.

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