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When putting together a first-class Web site for your consulting business, your goal is to create a professional image, make the site easy to navigate and enhance client contact. Try these Web site building tips:

  • Consider hiring a pro. Your Web site may be the first impression a potential client has of your business, and first impressions are important. By hiring a pro to design and build your Web site, you have a better chance of making the first impression a good one.

  • Be easy to find. Make sure your Web site address (URL) closely matches the name of your business or is otherwise linked to it.

  • Get out the word. Be sure to include your Web site address wherever you can, including on your letterhead and business cards, marketing brochures, within your e-mail signature, on the side of your car — anywhere a potential client might see it.

  • Capture contact information. Encourage visitors to leave their contact information so you can open up a dialog with them. Provide them with a free subscription to a useful monthly newsletter — or a free assessment of their issue or opportunity — in exchange for their e-mail address.

  • Give clients a reason to visit. Your Web site should contain information that is of value to them and that entices them to visit on a regular basis. This information may include articles as well as links to other Web sites and blogs.

  • Visit your site regularly and check Web stats. It’s always a good idea to check your site regularly to make sure it’s up and running, and that all links and interactive elements are working the way they should. And be sure to monitor your Web stats so you know who is visiting and what pages they find of greatest interest.

  • Consider blogging. The latest trend is for people to set up blogs — which are personal online journals that easily can be set up and maintained, and are usually current and interactive — instead of static Web sites. Before you set up a blog, research what other consultants in your field are doing, and be sure to take your findings into account.

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