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What if you need to send a one of your Etsy customers a revised invoice — for example, to upgrade shipping? Unfortunately, Etsy doesn't offer any tools to handle this task. You can, however, use PayPal to send an updated invoice (assuming that you have an account), regardless of whether your buyer intends to use that service to pay for the item. First, you need to gather the following info:

  • The buyer's e-mail address

  • The item name

  • The transaction ID number

  • The date of purchase

  • The quantity purchased

  • The price of the item

  • The tax rate (if applicable)

  • The cost of shipping

Fortunately, Etsy puts all this information right at your fingertips, in the sales invoice.


You can also see some of this info in the e-mail Etsy sent when the item sold. Armed with this data, you're ready to create your new invoice on PayPal. Here's what you do:

  1. Type in your Web browser's address bar and log in to your PayPal account.

  2. Click the Request Money tab.


    The Request Money page opens.

  3. Click the Create an Invoice button.


    The Create a New Invoice page opens. Notice that it contains several key pieces of information, including your contact information and a pregenerated invoice number and invoice date.

  4. Fill out the necessary information in the appropriate fields.


    This information includes the following:

    • The buyer's e-mail address

    • The item name and the transaction ID number

    • The date of purchase

    • The quantity purchased

    • The item price

    • Any tax information

    • Your shipping fees

    You can also include terms and conditions and a note to your buyer, if you want.

    If the buyer purchased multiple items from you, you can include them all in a single invoice. Just click the + button to the right of the item information to add a new row of item-related fields.

  5. To send your invoice, click the Send button.


    If you want, you can preview your invoice first by clicking the Preview button.

    PayPal sends the invoice to your buyer, with a link back to PayPal to render payment. A link to the invoice appears in the Manage Invoices screen, accessible from the Request Money tab.

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