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You can get paid as a freelance writer, and raise revenue for your micro-entrepreneurial business. You can also market your micro-entrepreneurial business, by writing articles with links to whatever your business offers (product or service).

Find websites that pay you to write freelance

Many sites directly pay for articles that you write and they post. They differ in method of payment and how much they pay, so do some investigative work and see which of the following sites offer you the best opportunities.

These sites pay for your content, but you won’t make a fortune writing for them. You may get $10, $25, or $50 for a single article. Some pay based on how popular the article is and calculate your payment based on a percentage of ad revenue generated by the site with your article, whereas others have a different formulation.

Look at these sites not as a writer, but as a micro-entrepreneur. A writer may view these sites and say, “Fifty dollars isn’t much money. I will keep looking elsewhere.” A micro-entrepreneur can look at the same sites and say, “I can write an article that potentially hundreds or possibly thousands of people could read and become my customers.

Writing the article can also give me a solid credential, boost traffic to my sites, and possibly increase my list of ezine subscribers, and they will pay me $50 to do that!”

Check out these freelance writing resources

Writer’s Digest, Writers Market, and Media Bistro are the best resources available for the freelance writer. You’ll probably get excited by the possibilities when you explore these various sources.

Considering how varied and involved the topic of writing can be, the Writer’s Digest is the go-to source for the beginner. This hard copy monthly magazine is great, and its digital version is equally worthwhile. You can find lots of how-to articles from experienced writers and veteran editors on various topics, including working with editors, finding new markets, and becoming a better and more successful writer.

The Writers Market is a must-have book for writers of all kinds. This thick book lists thousands of publications and media outlets that pay for written content. Each listing offers plenty of details on the paying source, including the source’s writer’s guidelines, which tell you exactly how to proceed. You can uncover what they want and what they don’t want.

The main book from the Writer’s Market is an annual compendium that you can buy from your local bookstore or online. However, you may want to consider signing into the website and paying a reasonable subscription fee to access the database.

Mediabistro is a great place for the truly serious freelancer. You can find plenty of information on industry news and trends in addition to job postings. This site provides in-depth reports on how to pitch a particular magazine or media outlet on what you want to write about.

Media Bistro also has other benefits as well, such as how-to information and group rates on health insurance. You can sign up for free, but then get the full benefits of the site; it costs $55 per year.

Access other freelance writing resources

Here are some additional options you can use to build your freelance writing business. Check out these sources:

You can also use your favorite search engine (along with Facebook and LinkedIn) to locate writers’ associations and groups that offer you many benefits. Hundreds of writers’ organizations and groups exist, and many are specialized (such as for travel writers or science fiction writers), so you should be able to find one that fits your needs.

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