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An ezine (email magazine, electronic newsletter or email newsletter) is easily published to your micro-entrepreneurial business subscribers using a bulk email service. An email magazine or ezine is a form of communication where you email your micro-entrepreneurial business subscribers a periodic publication on a particular topic. An ezine is an important part of the marketing strategy of any micro-entrepreneurial business.

Use a bulk email service provider to publish your ezine because they can provide guidance and information on how to properly create and distribute it. Here are the main ones to check out:

Most of these providers give you plenty of services besides merely blasting out your ezine to a group of readers on your list. In addition, they can do the following:

  • They can integrate with Facebook and Twitter so that the world of social media can see your ezine and ideally provide a viral boost when others receive and forward it to their contacts.

  • They can provide valuable information such as open rates (how many of those people receiving the email you sent actually opened it) and click-through rates (how many clicked on the links provided in that email).

Don’t forget the legal side of ezines. There is a big difference between sending off an ezine to a group of people and spamming. Spamming is sending unwanted email, which can be illegal. An ezine is a wanted item in a subscriber’s inbox; subscribers opt in and acknowledge that they’re subscribing.

Make sure you find out about any legal obligations you may have. You obviously don’t want to spam, but you also have to consider other points.

  • Make sure you provide an easy way to opt out (request to be removed from the subscriber list and cease receiving emails).

  • Include a privacy statement and policy explicitly at the blog site (or at the end of the email message) that tells the reader or visitor how you officially regard issues of privacy with any information you have or receive at your site. Assure readers that you won’t spam them or make illegal solicitations.

    Look at the privacy statements at your competitors’ sites and then place your own unique official statement at your site too.

Fortunately bulk email service providers are very familiar with laws pertaining to conducting large email campaigns and avoiding the incidence of spamming.

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