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Utilize microtasking jobs to market your blog. For a small cost, you can have someone microtask tweets, emails, or linked postings to boost viewership of your blog. When you go to a microtask site, you can find all sorts of offerings for a relatively small amount of money that can help the marketing efforts of your blog. After you acquire the gig, the boost to your traffic can be immediate.

Because these service providers already have their audience (Twitter followers, ezine subscribers, or Facebook fans), you quickly can tap into their audience and boost viewership.

For example, you can find folks offering the following:

  • “I will tweet your message or link to my 3,000 followers.”

  • “I will tell my 5,000 fans and friends on Facebook about your new product, service, or blog post.”

  • “I will get you 2,000 views to your YouTube video within 48 hours.”

You can find many more gigs like this. Some may have value and some don’t, but for five bucks, what do you have to lose?

If you choose to use a microtask site, make sure you monitor the results by choosing gigs that provide verification. For example, if it’s a tweet to their Twitter followers, you can also be a follower on their list (be anonymous if possible or get a second account and be a follower) and check if the tweet was sent.

In the event that you aren’t satisfied, Fiverr can withhold payment (in the worst-case scenario, you lost five bucks, but you won’t use that source again).

Some marketers have used microtasking sites with worthwhile results and have purchased again from the same source. Others kept trying until they found decent results. It can vary, so investigate the potential.

When you need microtask help, check out these main sites:

  • Fiverr: This site is the premier (or at least most well-known) site on microtasking.

  • Gigzon.com: This site offers a platform for buyers and sellers of services (and products, too) for up to $100.

  • Mechanical Turk: This is a microtasking site from Amazon. Here the gigs are called HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks).

  • Microworkers: This site competes with Fiverr with a similar business model, but it’s more geared to work-related tasks and costs can be higher than just $5.

  • NetTradr: This popular site focuses on general microtasking; it’s most similar to Gigzon.

  • TenBux: This site is similar in look and feel to Fiverr (in fact, the same company runs it), but the work assignments (referred to as Jobs) can run between $5 and $10.

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