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As a micro-entrepreneur, you may use several blogs that market your business’ product or service offerings in entirely different ways. Utilizing more than one blog, if done right, boosts your brand identification and increases sales.

For example, you might do a primary blog that you regularly update with product and sales information on your micro-entrepreneurial business. Then you might start a second blog that is more static (doesn’t change much) but has different key words, different content, and so on that leads visitors to the same sales page for the same product.

Utilizing more than one blog in this manner is a perfect example of applying the funnel principle to leverage your ability to get results.

You may have one blog that sells informational products on losing weight. You may consider creating another blog that does product reviews on various weight loss programs (along with affiliate links where appropriate). Creating and running another blog is low cost (even free). You can then monitor the results to see which approach works best.

Some micro-entrepreneurial businesses do three very different blogs, but they all send traffic to the same offer page. However you decide to manage your blogs, keep in mind that although running more than one blog means more work, it may also dramatically increase your sales.

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