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In order to get free publicity for your micro-entrepreneurial business, what you’re announcing in your press release has to be newsworthy. Newsworthy means that the item has sufficient interest or importance to merit having a particular media source report on it.

If you aren’t doing anything newsworthy, then you can do something to create publicity.

To uncover some publicity ideas for your micro-entrepreneurship, take time to read all of the media sources that cover your business topic. You can find them online or head over to your local library. Carefully go through each page and posting and ask yourself whether the story is an organic news story or a publicity-driven news story.

Look for the dead-giveaway clue in the story, which is a call to action (“visit X” or “contact Z”). Publicity-driven means the story was generated because someone sent a press release or other type of message intended for the actual purpose of publicizing an organization or whatever it’s offering or involved with.

Have a pencil and a piece of paper with you as you’re scanning. Keep in mind that the best way to get publicity is to first see what has already worked for others in gaining publicity and utilizing some of the same techniques.

Consider these potential ideas when creating your press releases:

  • Hold an event. Events are some of the easiest things to publicize, and they can be inexpensive (even free). Schools and libraries regularly do public events, such as book-signings, author lectures, adult workshops, and even how-to demonstrations (such as cooking, magic, or home security).

  • Have a charity tie-in. Charities generally have an easier time gaining media exposure than businesses. Consider doing a promotion or event with fund-raising or raising consciousness over an issue or concern.

  • Commemorate a holiday or anniversary. See whether you can do something tied to a special holiday or the anniversary of a historically significant event.

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