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Writing for your micro-entrepreneurial business becomes truly profitable when you combine content, creative marketing, and a download structure for making your writing easily obtainable. This four step residual income plan is simple enough that any competent writer can do it (just remember that you’re a micro-entrepreneur).

  1. Create your content.

    Write an ebook or other type of digital content that that can be easily sold and downloaded over the Internet, such as a PDF or other common publishing format.

    Make sure that it includes good content and that it’s evergreen (it’s a topic of interest that will be good years from now).

  2. Set up the download structure.

    Put this content (along with the sales copy for the page) on a digital delivery service venue such as PayLoadz or E-Junkie. Feel free to shop around for others.

    At a digital delivery service site, you can set up a page, upload your content, and add your PayPal information. You can usually find great tutorials on setting up your download page at these sites. You’ll then effectively have a page at this site that has both the sales copy and the ability to both buy the product and download it instantly.

  3. Set up the marketing for your content.

    The marketing approach is based on your writing. Write articles on the same topic as the content found on your downloadable page, and place these articles on your website or blog.

    Create articles for sale (that create interest in more expensive downloadable content) and create other articles than can be used for article marketing (articles on your topic of interest that build your brand and reputation, while also leading people to your site and product offerings).

    All your articles and blog posts have the same link to your product. The more articles you have, the greater the funnel that guides all interested parties to your offering.

  4. Keep track of your downloadable content and manage it.

    Make sure your download page is working and check your PayPal account. If you have done all the steps and made sure the articles were good content and the product you’re offering is an excellent one on a topic that is in demand from your target market, then you should have success.

    If this process worked well, go ahead and repeat it. The more articles your write, the more products you create for sale, the more marketing you do all mean the more sales and profits you generate.

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