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Being visible and present online is essential today for any micro-entrepreneur. Although a paid website is the best way to have an Internet presence, you may choose not to spend the (minimal) money to set up a website or to manage a website (perhaps because of the product or service you offer). If so, you can still have an Internet presence with the following:

  • Start a blog. You can get one for free on either www.blogger.com or www.wordpress.org. A blog has many advantages, such as ease of set-up and use. You can also make money from advertising, affiliate programs, or your own offerings. If you need help setting up one, plenty of free or cheap help is available online.

  • Go on Facebook. You can have both a personal and a business presence on Facebook at no cost. Plenty of big and small businesses are using Facebook to build awareness, gain customers, do market research, and sell more of their products and services.

  • Try Squidoo. Have a presence at this site with webpages called lenses at no cost. The lenses give you a chance to share content with others, and you can also add your profile with information on your products and services. The more lenses you create means the greater your opportunities to promote your business and what you offer.

  • Use LinkedIn. This social media site focuses on professionals, and you can build a profile page at no cost. You can also get involved with many groups that can either help you with information and guidance or you can go to groups to find customers or joint venture partners.

  • Work with Amazon. At Amazon, you can quickly create a Kindle ebook and sell it. You can then set up an author’s page where you can provide your profile and other information about you and what you offer as an author. This author’s page can also makes it easy for you to make money as an affiliate with Amazon’s products, ranging from physical products (such as books and consumer products) to digital products (such as Kindle books and software).

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