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Even as a micro-entrepreneur, you may need some cash in a hurry. There are dozens of different ways to make money as a micro-entrepreneur, but to help you keep focused, here are ten proven ways to make money quickly and without hassle.

eBay for micro-entrepreneurs

Let’s start with the obvious. ebay is still a selling powerhouse and the first place to turn when you want to get rid of stuff and get cash for it.

As you peruse eBay, ask yourself what you have that people are willing to pay for on eBay. Check in your attic, closet, basement, garage, or under your bed for something that could be collecting you cash instead of dust.

Elance for micro-entrepreneurs

If you can type, write good copy, or design a web page, you have services you can provide others and make some money at the same time. One of the most active sites for you to consider offering your services through is Elance.

ClickBank for micro-entrepreneurs

ClickBank may very well be the most successful digital mall on the Internet. Thousands of people sell digital products such as ebooks, audio programs, and other products that are typically informational in nature and downloadable.

ClickBank is also the largest affiliate site. You sign up, select an affiliate you like, then send out emails to friends and colleagues. If they click the link and buy the product, you get a commission.

fiverr for micro-entrepreneurs

At fiverr, you can make decent money . . . five bucks at a time (actually $4 after fiverr takes its portion). fiverr is a small services mall, which means it’s an active marketplace of buyers and sellers of low-cost assignments or micro jobs. fiverr also allows you to make money by offering bulk gigs (simultaneously offering multiple gigs).

At fiver, you’ll be amazed what folks will do for $5. For example, they make a YouTube video, send a tweet to their 5,000 followers, or sing a song in a gorilla suit for a business.

fiverr is more than just a place where you might offer your services. You might also find someone to do some small job for you, for just $5.

Etsy for micro-entrepreneurs

If you’re creative and can make something unique, then you need to check out Etsy. This site refers to itself as “the world’s handmade marketplace.”

Many people are very talented (you may be), and they can create some very nice things, ranging from making ornaments and jewelry to knitting hats and sweaters. If you can craft something of quality — something that is one of a kind — then you can sell it, and Etsy is the place for you.

About.com for micro-entrepreneurs

You probably know something inside and out. Think about what you’re an expert in and then consider writing about it and getting paid, such as on a site like About.com. Lots of places both online and offline will pay you for your writing. The site pays for well-written articles done by experts and others who know a subject in depth.

Before you submit any articles for payment, head over to the website and read what articles have been published on your chosen topic. What better way to find out about what the site will accept than to see what it actually accepted from someone else?

Amazon for micro-entrepreneurs

The quintessential Internet retailer, Amazon, is a great place for you to make money:

  • Reselling your items: The most accessible way for beginners to utilize Amazon is to resell some of their items (that are in marketable condition). Books and DVDs are good items to sell because they’ve been sold successfully on Amazon for many years.

    They’re generally easy to pack and ship, and Amazon even gives you a shipping credit. When the item is sold, the proceeds are submitted to your chosen bank account.

    Amazon sells lots of stuff in many different categories so check out the site to find out what you can sell.

  • Being an affiliate: Becoming an affiliate at Amazon is easy and free (at Amazon, an affiliate is called an associate).

  • Doing your own Kindle book: You literally can write and upload a Kindle book for resale in less than a week.

Gazelle for micro-entrepreneurs

If you have some unused or unwanted electronics grazing, you can sell them for cash at Gazelle. Search for your item on Gazelle. If you find it there, that means Gazelle is interested in buying it.

First, answer a few questions to inform Gazelle of the condition of your items, and whether you have any accessories for it. The site will then make you an offer. If you like the offer, you then click “checkout” and either sell another item or proceed to ship the item (in most cases Gazelle pays the shipping cost).

Using the site is super easy. If the item is above a certain price, Gazelle will even send you a free prepaid box for even easier shipping, so start hunting.

Classifieds for micro-entrepreneurs

You probably remember the newspaper classifieds and how people scanned the help wanted section. The Internet has turned old-fashioned classifieds into a fertile venue for opportunities without getting all that newspaper ink on your fingers.

Many people and businesses either need help or a particular item. You may be the one to provide that service or to sell them that item. Consider sites such as craigslist and ClassifiedAds.

Gigwalk for micro-entrepreneurs

Gigwalk is a service that connects businesses that need some simple work done with folks that have smart phones and can do the assignment (can you?). The assignments can be simple surveys or some consumer research. Some folks have made as much as $60 to 100 per day.

As smart phones (and devices such as tablets) grow in popularity and usage, you’ll probably have more ways to make money. Another example is iPoll where you get paid to do some polls and surveys.

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