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Understanding Judaism begins by checking out the historical events that have shaped the Jewish culture. Here’s a brief time-line of major events in Jewish history.

Date Event
c. 1800 BCE Abraham and Sarah begin the Journey to Judaism
c. 1250 BCE Moses leads Hebrews out of Egyptian bondage
c. 1000 BCE King David unites and grows the Kingdom
c. 950 BCE King Solomon builds First Temple in Jerusalem
722 BCE Assyrians destroy Northern Israelite Kingdom, disperse ten tribes
586 BCE Babylonians overthrow Southern Kingdom, destroy first Temple, take Judeans to Babylonia
428 BCE Second Temple dedicated by Ezra and Nehemiah
164 BCE Hasmonean revolt against Greek rule (celebrated by Chanukkah)
70 Second Temple destroyed by Romans
135 Bar Kochba rebellion
c. 200 Mishnah codified
c. 500 Babylonian Talmud codified
1492 Jews expelled from Spain
1880 Mass emigrations to America begin
1938 Kristallnakht begins Holocaust
1948 State of Israel declared
1972 First American woman rabbi ordained

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