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As the holy book of Islam, the Koran informs millions of Muslims around the world. The book itself serves five essential purposes and the following list explains each in some detail:

  • The Guidance: The Koran serves as a guide to belief in the Oneness of God, and leads to an ethical life defined as Submission or Surrender to the Will of God (Islam). This complete way of life offers guidance through both personal and communal laws.

  • The Criterion: The Koran distinguishes between moral and immoral, ethical and unethical, good and evil. The Book helps Muslims make ethical choices in their daily lives.

  • The Reminder: The Koran confirms and reminds the world of the teachings of past Prophets. The stories of the Prophets form an essential part of the Koran’s narrative.

  • Spiritual healing: The Book helps Muslims turn away from their lower passions, towards the higher aspirations of worshiping and obeying God.

    The Koran presents a personal relationship with the Divine, a God-consciousness that elevates the soul and frees the mind from moral diseases, such as materialism, jealousy, and anger.

  • Social change: The Scripture serves as roadmap for social change built on social justice, economic equity, racial harmony, human rights, and dignity. The Koran calls the Muslim community to actively enjoin that which is right, good, and just, and to struggle against that which is wrong, evil, and unjust.

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