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Being able to talk about the days of the week and months of the year are standard, new-language skills you need when learning Korean. The following tables list both, starting with the days of the week:

English Korean Translation Pronunciation
Monday woryoil wo-ryo-il
Tuesday hwayoil hwa-yo-il
Wednesday suyoil soo-yo-il
Thursday mogyoil mo-gyo-il
Friday geumyoil geu-myo-il
Saturday toyoil to-yo-il
Sunday iryoil ee-ryo-il

The following table translates the months into Korean:

English Korean Translation Pronunciation English Korean Translation Pronunciation
January irwol ee-rwol July chirwol chi-rwol
February iwol eeh-wol August parwol pa-rwol
March samwol sam-wol September guwol goo-wol
April sawol sa-wol October siwol shi-wol
May owol oh-wol November sibirwol ship-ee-rwol
June yuwol yoo-wol December sibiwol ship-ee-wol

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