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Asking God for the needs of life is one more way to connect with the divine. Even if you have a surrender and trust that God’s will is done regardless of whether you ask for anything specific, you can still communicate your needs and ask for blessings with a spirit of faith and surrender.

Communicating with the great universal creative Consciousness is a good thing to do, whether you’re asking for help or giving thanks.

Regardless of the specific words and thoughts you use in prayer, taking time to connect with the divine presence is likely to bring good energy and positive effects into whatever situations you’re praying for.

Don’t just pray for some limited concept of what you think is available in your life. Give spirit a chance to surprise you and outshine your expectations.

After all, how can anybody really know exactly what to pray for? What if you pray and ask that you or someone else gets a particular job when there’s a much better career opportunity for you or the other person just around the corner? With hindsight, you would thank God for not answering that prayer. (Well, technically, the prayer was answered, but the answer was “No.”)

Therefore, the best way to improve someone’s lot in life, including your own, is to send positive blessings while trusting the divine universal perfection to use your blessings in the best way.

When you pray, let your intentions and words be real, sincere, and emphatic. Use your own language and way of speaking to talk to the divine. God likes hearing it just the way you say it.

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