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Martyrs are people who believe in their faith so strongly that they’re willing to die for it. The original Greek word means “witness,” and these people are witness to their love of Jesus Christ and the Church in that they’d rather die than betray their God.

Martyrs don’t murder anyone — suicide bombers aren’t martyrs, they’re homicide bombers. Martyrs don’t cause the death of innocent victims — martyrs are victims themselves. The Catholic martyrs listed here were in love with the Lord and heaven more than with this world.

  • St. Agatha

    Sicily (birthdate unknown–ad 251)

    Patron: Sicily and Malta, women at risk of sexual assault, bell makers, and against breast cancer

    Feast day: February 5

  • St. Agnes

    Rome, Italy (ad 291–ad 304)

    Patron: chastity, gardeners, girls, engaged couples, rape victims, and virgins

    Feast day: January 21

  • St. Blasé (Blaise)

    Armenia (third century ad–ad 316)

    Patron: the city of Dubrovnik, the wool industry, wild animals; and against ailments, diseases, and throat cancer

    Feast day: February 3

  • St. Boniface

    Crediton (Devon, England) (ad 673–ad 754)

    Patron: Germany, brewers, file cutters, and tailors

    Feast day: June 5

  • St. Cecilia

    Rome, Italy (second century ad)

    Patron: musicians

    Feast day: November 22

  • St. Denis

    Italy (third century ad–ad 258)

    Patron: Paris, and against diabolical possession and headaches

    Feast day: October 9

  • SS. Felicity and Perpetua

    Birthplace unknown (ad 181–ad 203)

    Patron: Carthage, mothers, expectant mothers, ranchers, and butchers

    Feast day: March 7

  • St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen

    Sigmaringen, Prussia (1577–1622)

    Beatified: 1729

    Canonized: 1746

    Feast day: April 24

  • St. George

    Nicomedia, Mesopotamia (ad 275–ad 303)

    Patron: England, Catalonia, The Netherlands, Georgia (the former Soviet country), Bavaria, Aragon, agricultural workers, equestrians, soldiers, and knights

    Feast day: April 23

  • St. Hippolytus of Rome

    Rome, Italy (ad 170–ad 235)

    Patron: Bibbiena (town in Italy), prison guards, and horses

    Feast day: August 13

  • St. Ignatius of Antioch

    Antioch (ad 50–ad 107)

    Patron: the Church in the eastern Mediterranean and North Africa; throat disease

    Feast day: October 17

  • St. Irenaeus

    Smyrna, Asia Minor (ad 125–ad 202)

    Patron: archdiocese of Mobile, Alabama

    Feast day: June 28

  • St. Januarius

    Benevento, Italy (ad 275–ad 304)

    Patron: Naples, blood banks, and against volcanic eruptions

    Feast day: September 19

  • St. John the Baptist

    Palestine (5 bc–ad 30)

    Patron: Baptism, converts, the Knights of Malta, lambs, and tailors; the dioceses of Charleston (South Carolina), Dodge City (Kansas), Paterson (New Jersey), Portland (Maine), and Savannah (Georgia); invoked against convulsions, epilepsy, spasms, and hail

    Feast days: birth, June 24; beheading, August 29

  • St. John Fisher

    Beverley (Yorkshire, England) (1469–1535)

    Beatified: 1886

    Canonized: 1935

    Patron: diocese of Rochester, New York

    Feast day: June 22

  • St. Lucy

    Siracusa, Sicily (ad 283–ad 304)

    Patron: Sicily and Syracuse (Siracusa), ailments, injuries, and eye cancer

    Feast day: December 13

  • St. Maximilian Kolbe

    Poland (1894–1941)

    Beatified: 1971

    Canonized: 1982

    Patron: prisoners, drug addicts, journalists

    Feast day: August 14

  • St. Polycarp

    Birthplace unknown (ad 69–ad 155)

    Patron: people who suffer from earaches or dysentery

    Feast day: February 23

  • St. Sebastian

    Milan, Italy (ad 257–ad 288)

    Patron: archers, athletes, bookbinders, gunsmiths, lace makers, police officers, soldiers, stonecutters, victims of arrow wounds, and victims of the plague

    Feast day: January 20

  • St. Thomas Becket

    London, England (1118–1170)

    Beatified: 1173

    Canonized: 1174

    Patron: secular (diocesan) clergy, Exeter College, and Portsmouth, England

    Feast day: December 29

  • St. Thomas More

    London, England (1478–1535)

    Beatified: 1886

    Canonized: 1935

    Patron: lawyers and attorneys

    Feast day: June 22

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