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The supreme head of the Catholic Church is the pope, from the Italian “papa,” or “father.” Every Bishop of Rome has been the pope, and every pope has been the Bishop of Rome. Following is a list of those popes who’ve been canonized as saints.

The popes appear in chronological order for easier reference and provided the dates of their pontificate (papacy) but not their birth, because ancient records didn’t keep birth information as accurately as ordination information. You don’t find patronage information either, as none of these popes are listed as patron saints.

The two most recent popes to become saints were Pope St. John XXIII and Pope St. John Paul II, both canonized by Pope Francis on April 27, 2014.

  • Pope St. Peter

    Pontificate: a.d. 33–a.d. 64

    Feast days: SS. Peter & Paul, June 29; Chair of St. Peter, February 22

  • Pope St. Linus

    Pontificate: a.d. 64–a.d. 76

    Feast day: September 23

  • Pope St. Clement I

    Pontificate: a.d. 88–a.d. 97

    Feast day: November 23

  • Pope St. Alexander I

    Pontificate: a.d. 105–a.d. 115

    Feast day: May 3

  • Pope St. Telesphorus

    Pontificate: a.d. 125–a.d. 136

    Feast day: January 5

  • Pope St. Hyginus

    Pontificate: a.d. 136–a.d. 140

    Feast day: January 11

  • Pope St. Zephyrinus

    Pontificate: a.d. 199–a.d. 217

    Feast day: August 26

  • Pope St. Callixtus I

    Pontificate: a.d. 217–a.d. 222

    Feast day: October 14

  • Pope St. Pontian

    Pontificate: a.d. 230–a.d. 235

    Feast day: August 13

  • Pope St. Fabian

    Pontificate: a.d. 236–250

    Feast day: January 20

  • Pope St. Cornelius

    Pontificate: a.d. 251–a.d. 253

    Feast day: September 16

  • Pope St. Lucius I

    Pontificate: a.d. 253–a.d. 254

    Feast day: March 4

  • Pope St. Stephen I

    Pontificate: a.d. 254–a.d. 257

    Feast day: August 2

  • Pope St. Sixtus II

    Pontificate: a.d. 257–a.d. 258

    Feast day: August 6

  • Pope St. Dionysius

    Pontificate: a.d. 259–a.d. 268

    Feast day: December 26

  • Pope St. Caius

    Pontificate: a.d. 283–a.d. 296

    Feast day: April 22

  • Pope St. Marcellinus

    Pontificate: a.d. 296–a.d. 304

    Feast day: June 2

  • Pope St. Melchiades

    Pontificate: a.d. 311–a.d. 314

    Feast day: December 10

  • Pope St. Sylvester I

    Pontificate: a.d. 314–a.d. 355

    Feast day: December 31

  • Pope St. Julius I

    Pontificate: a.d. 337–a.d. 352

    Feast day: April 12

  • Pope St. Damasus

    Pontificate: a.d. 366–a.d. 384

    Feast day: December 11

  • Pope St. Siricius

    Pontificate: a.d. 384–a.d. 399

    Feast day: November 26

  • Pope St. Innocent I

    Pontificate: a.d. 401–a.d. 417

    Feast day: July 28

  • Pope St. Boniface I

    Pontificate: a.d. 418–a.d. 422

    Feast day: September 4

  • Pope St. Celestine I

    Pontificate: a.d. 422–a.d. 432

    Feast day: April 6

  • Pope St. Sixtus III

    Pontificate: a.d. 432–a.d. 440

    Feast day: March 28

  • Pope St. Leo I

    Pontificate: a.d. 440–a.d. 461

    Feast day: April 11

  • Pope St. Hilarius

    Pontificate: a.d. 461–a.d. 468

    Feast day: February 28

  • Pope St. Gelasius I

    Pontificate: a.d. 492–a.d. 496

    Feast day: November 21

  • Pope St. John I

    Pontificate: a.d. 523–a.d. 526

    Feast day: May 27

  • Pope St. Felix III (IV)

    Pontificate: a.d. 526–a.d. 530

    Feast day: September 22

  • Pope St. Agapetus I

    Pontificate: a.d. 535–a.d. 536

    Feast day: April 22

  • Pope St. Gregory I

    Pontificate: a.d. 590–a.d. 604

    Feast day: September 3

  • Pope St. Boniface IV

    Pontificate: a.d. 608–a.d. 615

    Feast day: May 8

  • Pope St. Martin I

    Pontificate: a.d. 649–a.d. 655

    Feast day: November 12

  • Pope St. Vitalian

    Pontificate: a.d. 657–a.d. 672

    Feast day: January 27

  • Pope St. Agatho

    Pontificate: a.d. 678–a.d. 681

    Feast day: January 10

  • Pope St. Sergius I

    Pontificate: a.d. 687–a.d. 701

    Feast day: September 8

  • Pope St. Gregory II

    Pontificate: a.d. 715–a.d. 731

    Feast day: February 11

  • Pope St. Zacharias

    Pontificate: a.d. 741–a.d. 752

    Feast day: March 15

  • Pope St. Paul I

    Pontificate: a.d. 757–a.d. 767

    Feast day: June 28

  • Pope St. Leo III

    Pontificate: a.d. 795–a.d. 816

    Feast day: June 12

  • Pope St. Paschal I

    Pontificate: a.d. 817–a.d. 824

    Feast day: February 12

  • Pope St. Leo IV

    Pontificate: a.d. 847–a.d. 855

    Feast day: July 17

  • Pope St. Nicholas I

    Pontificate: a.d. 858–a.d. 867

    Feast day: November 13

  • Pope St. Gregory VII

    Pontificate: 1073–1085

    Feast day: May 25

  • Pope St. Celestine V

    Pontificate: 1294

    Feast day: May 19

  • Pope St. Pius V

    Pontificate: 1566–1572

    Feast day: April 30

  • Pope St. Pius X

    Pontificate: 1903–1914

    Feast day: August 21

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