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Television and airplanes didn’t exist when most saints were alive, but saints are invoked for them nonetheless. Why? Saints often experienced things while they were alive that relate to events or items of today’s world. Here are some examples of saints from hundreds of years ago who experienced tragedies and miracles that are applicable to the modern world:

  • TV: St. Clare of Assisi (13th century) was sick in bed and saw images of Mass from the chapel on her cell wall, similar to today’s video, although it was 700 years before TV was invented.

  • Air travel: St. Joseph Cupertino (17th century) would levitate anytime church bells rang or organ music was played. His fellow friars used to tie a string to his leg so he would not float away.

  • Internet: St. Isidore of Seville (sixth century) compiled the first written database, a 20-volume encyclopedia on everything known at the time, from A to Z.

  • Radio: St. Gabriel the Archangel broadcast the important news about the Savior when he announced to the Virgin Mary that she was to become the Mother of God’s Son.

  • Toothaches: St. Apollonia (third century) had all her teeth smashed and removed as part of her martyrdom, so she’s the patron saint of dentists and those who suffer toothaches.

  • Beer: St. Arnold (seventh century) was an Austrian bishop who served in France and spoke often to his people on the benefits of drinking beer. The local drinking water was filled with lots of contaminants and could make people deathly sick, whereas the beer was prepared in such a way as to kill all harmful bacteria.

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