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Losing weight isn't uncommon during the first trimester, especially if you experience a lot of morning sickness. But if you get well into your second trimester without gaining much, if any, weight, your doctor will likely inquire more about your nutrition and exercise habits. He or she may even refer you to a registered dietitian (RD) for customized guidance.

If you don't gain enough weight, your baby may not be getting the proper nutrients he needs to grow. The result can be a low-birth-weight infant or a premature delivery. Your baby may also be at risk of developmental delays if he doesn't get enough calories and nutrients in the womb.

Some women are afraid to gain weight during pregnancy for fear of not losing it afterward. If you're afraid of gaining weight to the point of restricting your calories to lower-than-recommended levels, seek out help from your doctor and a registered dietitian.

Remember that if you're underweight before you even get pregnant, you likely need to gain a few more pounds than women who start their pregnancies at a normal weight.

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