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In Wall Yoga, the wall is your friend — one you can always turn to when you need a little extra support or a confidence boost — and one that doesn’t shy away from giving you some honest and direct feedback. The wall can give you some welcome benefits:

  • Provides safety and stability

  • Supports your balance

  • Gives you feedback on your alignment

  • Adds variety to reinvigorate your practice

When you embrace the wall as a prop, you open up a world of possibilities for practice. For starters, a wall allows you to practice when you’re not dressed for yoga. Some postures you can easily do in business dress in an office setting. Imagine the benefits of taking a few minutes to stretch and breathe before attending a high-powered business meeting or delivering an important presentation.

Wall Yoga is a great option when the floor surface isn’t inviting. Attention all backpacking travelers: How great does a few minutes of Wall Yoga sound when you’re staying in a super-budget hotel that’s seen better days? Don’t have a wall? Don’t worry; if the walls in your home or hotel room are flush with furniture and framed artwork, you can always use a door. In addition, a tree or the side of a building can stand in for a wall.

You can do many categories of postures, and the wall helps in each instance.

  • Standing postures: The wall provides feedback on your alignment and orientation in space.

  • Safe inversions: The wall provides safety and allows you to experience the benefits of inversions without doing traditional inversions that can be risky for many people.

  • Forward bends and hamstring stretches in hanging postures: The wall provides safety, precision, and guidance for your alignment.

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