To truly achieve a sense of well-being with Yoga, you want to ensure that your routine is right for you. Try creating your own routine. When you create your own Yoga program with our classic formula, you

  • Determine how long you want the routine to be

  • Select a main posture

  • Decide how you want to prepare and/or compensate for each main category of postures

  • Allocate time for rest and for relaxation at the end in order to digest the nutritious meal of Yoga exercises that you prepared for yourself

The Classic Formula consists of the following 12 categories:

  1. Attunement (integrating body, breath, and mind)

  2. Warm-up/preparation (also used between main exercises wherever necessary)

  3. Standing postures

  4. Balance postures (optional)

  5. Abdominals

  6. Inversions (optional)

  7. Back bends

  8. Forward bends

  9. Twists

  10. Rest (to be inserted between main exercises whenever you feel the need)

  11. Compensation (to be inserted after main exercises)

  12. Final relaxation

You don’t have to use every category as long as you follow the proper sequence from 1 to 9 and always conclude with 12. Depending on your available time, you may choose to omit number 4 or 6 and continue, or even stop the asanas after number 5 if time is short and jump to step 12. You can repeat the categories of rest, warm-up/preparation, and compensation wherever appropriate.

Balancing postures and inversions are optional because their inclusion depends on your available time, wallspace, and your skill level.

The Classic Formula is optimal for 30- to 60-minute general conditioning programs, but you can also refer to it in the 15- and 5-minute programs. The beauty of our formula is that as your Yoga practice grows over the years, you can explore safe postures from any book or system and then insert them into their appropriate slots within our 12-category module.

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