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Every condition, profession, sport, and what-have-you has its own vocabulary and its own acronyms. Parkinson’s disease (PD) is no different. The following list contains terms and abbreviations that are part of the Parkinson’s world:

  • akinesia: Inability to move spontaneously

  • ataxia: Impaired balance and coordination

  • bradykinesia: Slowed movement

  • carbidopa/levodopa: Medication to relieve PD symptoms

  • dopamine: Acts as one of the brain's messengers to signal movement and maintain balance and coordination

  • dyskinesia: Abnormal involuntary movements

  • PD: Parkinson’s disease

  • PWP: Person (or people) with Parkinson’s disease

  • T.R.A.P.: Acronym for four primary PD symptoms:

    • Tremor: Shaking of limb (usually hand) while at rest

    • Rigidity: Muscle stiffness and resistance to movement

    • Akinesia/bradykinesia: see above

    • Postural instability: See ataxia above

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Michele Tagliati, MD, is Director of the Parkinson's Disease Center at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York. Gary N. Guten, MD, MA, is an orthopedic surgeon, author, and Parkinson's patient. Jo Horne, MA, is the author of three books and a long-distance care partner.

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