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If you or your child has celiac disease, you can still live healthy, active, full, rich and rewarding lives. Staying gluten-free is just one part of not just surviving but thriving with celiac disease. Follow these helpful tips and you’ll be well on your way to living successfully:

  • Strive to be healthy. Commit to living gluten-free, eating nutritiously and exercising regularly.

  • Keep informed about your disease. Keep tabs on good quality Web sites. Join a support group in your community (or online).

  • Prepare for your child’s visit to friends. Let your child’s friend’s parents know that your child must not eat gluten and let them know what this means. Help out by sending gluten-free snacks with your child.

  • Learn how to eat out without standing out. Call ahead before you go to a restaurant for dinner to let them know of your gluten-free eating needs and to make sure they can accommodate them. Show restaurant staff dining cards that contain information on gluten-free eating.

  • Be prepared for questions about your celiac disease. Many people, either out of concern and caring, or sometimes out of simple curiosity, will ask you about your celiac disease, so be prepared to provide an answer you’re comfortable sharing.

  • Prepare for travelling adventures. Where you go, your celiac disease goes with you, so think about how you will manage your gluten-free eating needs whether you’re travelling to the cottage, across the country, or across the globe.

  • Deal with the slipups. At some point or another, and for a variety of reasons, you’re bound to consume some gluten. Don’t get discouraged; life happens. Just remind yourself that gluten isn’t plutonium; your misadventure won’t kill you; then jump right back on the gluten-free wagon.

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