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Collaborating with other people with similar goals and experiences can be a helpful way to share pitfalls and celebrations, especially if they're in similar circumstances. Sometimes, staying on track is easier if you're part of a team on which everyone has the same goal.

Hearing others' stories can help validate your own experiences, and sharing your own experiences and advice can help others. When it comes to support groups, the whole is definitely greater than the individual parts.

Getting involved with a local support group

Getting involved in a group therapy session can be an easy way to build a team of support around you. Support groups for various eating issues abound, or you could even start your own! Here are some tips for finding a group to visit:

  • Ask a therapist or counselor to recommend a local support group that's appropriate for you.

  • Peruse church or temple bulletin boards for notifications of group meetings.

  • Search craigslist, Psychology Today, and Group Therapy Meetup for support groups in your area.

  • Visit your local Weight Watchers chapter to see whether it offers (or can recommend) additional support group meetings.

If a more nationally organized structure appeals to you, consider finding a local chapter of Overeaters Anonymous or the Eating Disorders Coalition if you feel like those types of groups may be appropriate for you.

Investigating Internet forums

Internet discussion groups are another option for finding advice and motivation. Peers and professionals from all over the world can share stories, struggles, and advice. Internet forums can be great places to obtain general support and encouragement, especially if you're struggling with setbacks. They also afford you a wonderful opportunity to give back to the community by being there for others when they need the same.

Unfortunately, Internet forums have a downside, too. The anonymous nature of the Internet makes it easy for people to post angry or downright offensive comments on group discussion boards. You may also run into evangelists of particular diets or products who are critical of all other diets and products, so be prepared to weed through a lot of negative postings. You'll also encounter a lot of salespeople for particular products.

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