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Going through a regular workout inevitably improves your muscle strength and endurance. Your muscles can help you make the most of your detoxification efforts through stimulation of your lymph system and control of your blood sugar.

Revving up your lymph system through exercise

One important function of exercise relates to stimulating your lymph system, which is a key body system for detoxification. Like the circulatory system, the lymph system is a body system for moving around liquid substances. It’s twice as large as the circulatory system, which is a closed system, because blood stays in the blood vessels. Lymph vessels are connected like limbs on a tree, and the small ends are open.

After your body’s tissues use the nutrients that are delivered by the blood in your circulatory system, the waste products — including many toxins that your body has to get rid of — are released and travel into the lymph system. Waste products move through larger and larger lymph vessels until they’re eventually dumped back into the circulatory system, which carries them to the liver and kidneys to be processed and later expelled from your body.

The lymph system depends on contracting muscles and the movement of your lungs to move wastes through your system and eventually out of your body. The stronger and more active your muscles and lungs, the more activity your lymph system will enjoy and the more waste products you’ll clear out of your body.

Taking time for regular exercise helps keep your lymph system in tip-top shape, and it goes a long way in helping you clear your body of toxins.

Muscling out blood sugar problems through regular workouts

Too much sugar in your body can have a variety of toxic effects. The control of blood sugar is another vital benefit of exercise.

When you exercise, your muscles have an increased demand for energy, and they’re more than happy to take sugar directly out of your bloodstream to get the energy they need to keep moving. That process is a huge help in keeping your blood sugar under control, and it also helps to prevent diabetes.

The problems caused by diabetes affect millions of people each year, and the cost to treat all those conditions is in the billions of dollars. Think about all the suffering we could prevent and the resources we could save if we all just made it a point to take a brisk walk for 30 minutes every day!

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