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Your body can take care of quite a bit of detoxification on its own, but today’s elevated toxin levels demand that you give your body a hand. If you want to enjoy long-term good health, you must work hard to enhance and augment your body’s detox efforts by taking these steps:

  • Choose your food wisely: You can drastically cut down on your toxicity by making good food choices. If you can eliminate processed foods from your diet, dodge most genetically modified foods, and embrace all things organic, you’ll be doing your health an enormous favor.

  • Fill in the gaps with supplements: The quality of our food has dropped dramatically in the last few decades. As if that weren’t enough, your body needs even more essential nutrients than ever before if you expect it to fight off the ever-increasing amount of toxic threats that surround us all.

    Because of these factors, the vast majority of people — particularly people living in the United States — need to take supplements to ensure the best possible intake of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and other key nutrients.

  • Cleanse through chelation: Heavy metals are some of the most common toxins, and they’re everywhere. Lead may have been banned from paint and gasoline several years ago, but the lead that used to be added to those products is still around. Mercury is extremely prevalent as well and can be found in everything from dental fillings to fish to fluorescent light bulbs.

    If you think you may be suffering from dangerously high levels of heavy metals, chelation could be a good choice for you. Chelation is a medical treatment that uses a medication to trap and remove heavy metals from your body’s tissues.

  • Use a sauna: Sweating is an outstanding way to use your body’s natural systems to flush out toxins, particularly the fat-soluble ones that contribute to obesity and continually poison us. You should be sweating every chance you get! Exercise is a great way to work up a sweat, but if you really want to sweat it out, nothing beats a sauna.

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Dr. Gerald Don Wootan, DO, M.Ed., is a board-certified osteopathic physician and the medical director of Jenks Health Team, a medical practice that specializes in integrative medicine with an emphasis on natural detoxification and nutritional supplementation. M. Brittain Phillips is a freelance writer.

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