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All candidates who show potential on their application form undertake some face-to-face assessments before being offered a place at university. It’s crucial to score well at these assessments to increase your chances of receiving an offer. Assessments differ between universities but here are some general tips to help your preparations:

  • Know what to expect. Research each of your chosen university assessment strategies. Information is available to you beforehand and often the university websites give more details.

  • Revise. Don’t assume you know everything. Revisit your numeracy and literacy skills.

  • Practice. Interviews are stressful and you can forget things when you’re put on the spot. Gain some interview experience to understand what it’s really like.

  • Behaviour. You may be judged on how you engage with other candidates and admission staff just as much as you are in the assessments and interviews. Brush up on your people skills.

  • First impressions. Really do count! Be good, look good, do good!

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Andrew Evered, RN, MSc (Econ), PGCE is a Lead Admissions Tutor and Senior Lecturer for Adult Nursing at the College of Human and Health Sciences, Swansea University, and he has extensive experience working with both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

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