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When applying to UK nursing school, you’re expected to have researched nursing. The term ‘nursing’ is used liberally by the public and the media as a collective way of describing the many disciplines of the profession, but you need to be more specific. To improve your chances of success you need to demonstrate which field of nursing you’re interested in, what the field entails and what you have to offer. As a good candidate you can:

  • Explain your chosen field. What’s special about the field; how does it differ from the other fields of nursing?

  • Identify similarities. Although your chosen field is very distinct from other forms of nursing, what do they have in common? What are the general principles underpinning nursing?

  • Show what you have to offer. What drew you to particular aspects of the role, and what do you have to offer nursing? Make clear what qualities and abilities you can bring to this nursing field.

  • Your future in nursing. Nursing isn’t just a job but a career. While you don’t need to fully understand career opportunities, do realise how nursing relates to healthcare in the UK and have some appreciation of how you want your career to develop.

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