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Your time with the vocabulary section of the SAT will be easier if you take the time to master some basic prefixes, roots, and suffixes ahead of time. Knowing these word parts can help you determine the meaning of unfamiliar words. Do your best to add the word parts in the following tables to your knowledge base.

a–, an– = not, without circum– = around peri– = around
ab– = away from co–, con–, col–, cor– = with poly– = many
ad– = toward, addition contra–, counter– = against post– = after
anim– = life, spirit de–, ex– = out of, away from pre– = before
ante– = before extra– = beyond, outside pro– = big, much
anti– = opposite hetero– = other re–, retro– = back, again
auc–, aug– = increase homo– = same se– = apart
aud–, aur– = hear hyper– = above sub–, suc–, suf– = below
auto– = self hypo– = under super–, sur– = over, above
ben–, bon–, eu– = good il–, im–, in–, ir–, non– = not syn–, sym– = together, with
brev– = short inter– = between trans– = across, beyond
caco–, dys– = bad, abnormal intra– = within ultra–, outr– = beyond
ceiv–, cept–, capt– = take mal–, mis–, ne– = bad vice– = in place of
ambu = walk, move fract, frag, frai = break pug = war, fight
andro = man gnos = knowledge rupt = break
anthro = human grad, gress = to go sanct = holy
bellu, belli = war, fight greg = group, herd scien = knowledge
carn = flesh gyn = woman senti = feeling
clam, claim = shout her, hes = to stick somn, sop = sleep
clin = lean, bend jac, ject = to throw son = sound
clud, clus, claus = close loq, log, loc, lix = talk soph = wise
cred = trust, belief luc, lum, lus = light, clear spec = look
demo– = people meta, mut = change term = end, boundary
dog, dox = thought, idea morph = shape terr = earth
duc, duct = to lead, pull narco = sleep theo = God
ev = time, age omni = all ven = come
fac = to do, make oper = work vid, vis = to see
fiss = break, part pac, plac = peace, calm voc, voke = call
flict = strike path = feeling vol = roll, turn
fort = strength phon = sound xen = stranger
–able, –ible = capable of –cide = to kill –ist = a person
–ate, –ify,–efy, –ize, –ise = make –cis = cut –logy, –ology = study
–cess, –cede = to go, yield –ette, –illo = little –ous = full of

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