Probability questions on the GED Math text will often ask you to calculate single or multiple probabilities. The following practice questions ask you to do one of each type.

Practice Questions

Both questions are based on the following information.

The probability that it will snow during the next three days is given in the following table.


  1. What is the probability that it will not snow on Tuesday? A. 20% B. 40% C. 60% D. 80%
  2. What is the probability that it will snow on all three days? __________

Answers and Explanations

  1. The correct answer is D.

    The probability of snow on Tuesday is 20%. Therefore, the probability that it will not snow on Tuesday is 100% – 20% = 80%.

  2. The correct answer is 5.6%.

    Calculate the probability that it will snow on all three days by multiplying all three probabilities together. When plugging these percentages into your calculator, you can press the % button on the calculator after typing in each number.


    To convert this decimal answer into a percentage, simply multiply it by 100 to get


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