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The BEC test includes many topics that concern business management as well as economic concepts and the use of technology. This test covers the tools needed to succeed as a business manager. You’ll find that these concepts are similar to what you learn in a general study of business.

  • Understanding business concepts: The topics on the BEC test are similar to what students learn in general business school classes. For example, this test covers several economic concepts, such as inflation and currency exchange rates.

  • Making decisions: One purpose of the BEC test is to prepare the CPA to make informed business decisions. Some of these topics require you to think strategically as a business owner, not simply as an accountant. The BEC test, for example, may ask questions about pricing a product to cover all your costs and generate a profit.

  • Working with information technology: The use of technology is a growing issue for CPAs. The BEC test covers several areas related to information technology (IT). CPA candidates see questions on how an IT department can generate useful financial reports. The test also includes questions on why IT can create a risk for fraud and theft.

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