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Social media is a great asset for promoting your music. Every social media page has its own best practices, and there are complete books on every one of the following sites, but here are some simplified tips and practices to apply to each site. Give each post a primary home base from where it’s shared.

Change the headline; keep the content

Make slight headline adjustments for each page as you share the main content from a single page. This trick makes all the search engines happy and helps to build up your optimization.

When to post on social media sites

There’s no proof as to the best time to post on social media. Every study that’s been conducted is working off different variables. Take a look at your conversions to find when the best posting time is for you. If you spend a week posting at 3:00 p.m. Eastern standard time and then the next week, much earlier, then the next later and the last week of that month another time, you can look back at your own conversions and see when you received the most engagement, likes, comments, or clicks to your stores.

Be leery of experts

Social media is still new — although it seems like it’s been around forever, it’s barely ten years old. A lot of these so-called experts are working off assumptions with limited studies, and less proof. So track yourself. See what time you’re connecting and engaging with or growing your audience the most. That’s the best time for you to post.

Don’t limit yourself

Don’t limit your posts to social media and your website. Have a presence or at least a profile on pages like TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Four Square, too. Your website and social media presence can also come from your interaction, reviews, and engagement on other sites and pages that aren’t yours.

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