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Online is a great place to promote your endorsements while continuing to market the music, yourself, and your information. When you take an approach of sharing information that people can relate to while highlighting a product, it comes off a lot less pitchy and more engaging.

Linking directly to the products and companies

Hey buddy!! Get your promo links here! Fill in your website and social media pages with links as well as descriptions to where those links are going. On your website and in the About sections of your social media sites, add a short description and the appropriate links.

For example, if you’re endorsed by Pearl drums, add a link at the bottom of your bio that includes: The drums we use in the studio and on tour: Pearl Drums

List the endorsers and links on a web page, as well as some content and a testimonial that states what you like about the company and their products. This helps lead people to click through to those sites.

On that endorsement page or link page, don’t just put up Click here for Pearl Drums website. Instead, represent them well. Add their logo, font, and links to their website, as well as a few of their key social media sites. Include descriptions from you or the band like this: Pearl drums are the only drums that Kitty Likes Avocado uses in the studio and on tour. The tone, the ability to easily tune, and the durability are just three of the reasons we love these drums as well as why they are the Best Reason to Play Drums. Here are the links to the Pearl drums website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

This gives Pearl direct promotion on a page, along with a testimonial from you that includes their tagline (Best Reason to Play Drums).

Also, on the front page of your website, add those simple graphic-based links on the bottom of the page or running down the side. Let people know what you use and who supports you.

Per endorsement and company, put up a blog that highlights all the links to them, pictures of you with the endorsed gear, why you use it, why you like it, and why it’s the best, in your opinion.

Using existing content from others as you create that much more

After you add the links and post a key blog as well as an announcement or press release about the endorsement, continue to add content in different formats over extended periods of time. This helps maintain regular engagement and promotion.

The idea is not to constantly be in a selling mode, just like you shouldn’t constantly sell your music. The idea is to create engagement with a series of posts that come directly from you as well as posting headlines and linking to existing posts or content on other sites that represent the brand you endorse.

Here are five different examples of existing content and creating new content to promote an endorser while not pushing the sale too hard but keeping the message and marketing alive:

  • Add a headline to a link of someone playing the same products that people might like to watch and mention what’s cool about it.

  • Add a headline to a link to a cool picture of a higher-profile artist playing on the same product.

  • Share an audio link from another group with a headline that mentions the endorser or product.

  • Record a short video that showcases a given endorsed item. Think along the lines of a video for Latin Percussion; their cowbells could be funny if you jump around like that Saturday Night Live skit saying “more cowbell.”

  • Share a video link from another group with a headline that mentions the endorser or product.

Here’s an example of a leading headline that uses a video idea and promotes Evans drum heads: Steely Dan Live drum solo with Keith Carlock burning on the song Josie live from a few years back. Cool solo whether you are a ­drummer or not. Keith also endorses Evans drum heads -

This highlights a band a lot of people know, mentions Keith’s name, promotes Evans, and creates engagement for your fans, too!

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