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You frequently work with decimals when dealing with money, metric measurements, and food sold by the pound. The following problem requires you to add and subtract decimals. Even though the decimals may look intimidating, this problem is fairly simple to set up:

Antonia bought 4.53 pounds of beef and 3.1 pounds of lamb. Lance bought 5.24 pounds of chicken and 0.7 pounds of pork. Which of them bought more meat, and how much more?

To solve this problem, you first find out how much each person bought:

Antonia = 4.53 + 3.1 = 7.63

Lance = 5.24 + 0.7 = 5.94

You can already see that Antonia bought more than Lance. To find how much more, subtract:

7.63 – 5.94 = 1.69

So Antonia bought 1.69 pounds more than Lance.

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