The Ancient Greeks For Dummies
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Ancient Greece is famous for its history, literature, architecture, philosophy… the list goes on! Here you will find a basic introduction to this fascinating civilization, including a map of the empire and a timeline detailing important periods and events that shaped this part of history.

Map of ancient Greece

Want to impress people with your knowledge of ancient Greece? Print out and pin up this handy map as a quick and useful point of reference.


Ancient Greece timeline

Keep this helpful timeline in hand to remind yourself of the significant periods of time and essential events that took place throughout this important part of world history.

  • 2600 BC: Beginning of the Minoan Period

  • 1450 BC: Development of Linear B writing

  • 1400 BC: Foundation of Mycenaean Palaces

Bronze Age

  • 1370 BC: Palace complex at Knossos destroyed. Minoan civilisation comes to an end.

  • c.1250 BC: The Trojan War

  • 1200 BC: Destruction of Mycenaean Palaces. Doric invasions

  • 1000 BC: End of Mycenaean civilisation

Iron Age

  • 776 BC: First Olympic Games

  • c.750 BC: The Iliad and the Odyssey composed. Greek alphabet established. Greek colonies established in Sicily and Southern Italy

  • 630 BC: Colony of Cyrene established

  • 594 BC: Solon renews the laws of Athens.

  • 508 BC: Kleisthenes reforms the Athenian constitution and Athens becomes a democracy!

  • 490 BC: Battle of Marathon: Greece versus Persia I (Greece wins!)

  • 483 BC: Athenians discover silver in the mines at Laureion.

  • 480 BC: Battle of Thermopylae: Greece versus Persia II. Battle of Salamis

  • 479 BC: Battle of Plataea (Greece wins . . . eventually!)

  • 477 BC: Athens establishes the Delian League.

  • 461–445 BC: First Peloponnesian War: Athens versus Sparta (draw)

  • 431–404 BC: Second Peloponnesian War: Athens versus Sparta (Sparta wins.)

  • 430 BC: Plague in Athens

  • 429 BC: Death of Pericles

  • 415 BC: Athenian expedition to Sicily defeated

  • 399 BC: Socrates tried and executed

  • 359 BC: Philip II becomes king of Macedonia.

  • 356 BC: Alexander the Great born

  • 331 BC: Alexander the Great defeats the Persians at Gaugamela and becomes the new King of Persia!

  • 323 BC: Death of Alexander the Great

  • 322 BC: Death of Aristotle

  • 300 BC: Ptolemy the Great founds the library at Alexandria.

  • 214 BC: Philip V of Macedon defeated by the Romans

  • 172 BC: Macedonia becomes a Roman province.

  • 146 BC: Romans invade Greece and take control. Ancient Greece comes to an end.

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