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Learning about color never ends! For hands-on learning, why not try some watercolor painting? Information about watercolor paints and techniques are available from The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, including colorful examples from the museum’s collection.

For further reading about color, explore the Faber Birren Collection of Books on Color at Yale University. No need to visit Yale to find titles; simply type the title and author in your browser to locate books at vendor sites or maybe even your local library. For example, to find out about the colors the famous psychic Edgar Cayce saw, see his book titled Auras: An Essay on the Meaning of Color.

Looking for a quick explanation of color perception? Color authority Pantone has a concise article on their site. Scroll down for links to other articles such as color trends and in-depth features on individual colors.

Faber Birren's color library at Yale University

Color theorist and author Faber Birren was a lifelong scholar on the topic of color. Birren amassed a substantial library of color-related books, covering topics such as artists’ manuals, perception, textiles, music, religion, heraldry, and the occult.

Today, Birren’s library is in the collection of Yale University. Browse the collection for a wide range of titles on the topic of color.

Watercolor primer from the Met Museum

Learn about the medium of watercolor and tricks of the masters in this informative article from The Metropolitan Museum of Art. (You can also go to The Met museum’s website and type “watercolor” in the search bar.) Brief videos demonstrate how application and consistency of watercolor effects color.

How we see color, from Pantone

How many colors can the human eye see? How does the eye process color? Do animals see color? These topics and more are covered in this concise article on Pantone’s site.

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