Protecting Your Violin from Damage - dummies

By Katharine Rapoport

Part of Violin For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Violins are made of natural materials that are sensitive to temperature and humidity changes. Follow these tips to help your violin have a long and happy life:

  • Keep your violin at about room temperature.

  • Store the case away from high-traffic areas so that it doesn’t get knocked around.

  • Always close and latch the case when you finish playing, to protect your violin from falls.

  • Keep your violin away from radiators, air ducts, and direct sunlight, and avoid leaving it for long stays (or almost any stays!) in car trunks, especially in very hot or very cold weather.

  • Most important of all, keep your violin in a humidity of 40 to 60 percent whenever possible, and if you’re traveling to a different climate, take care to preserve the humidity in the violin’s case at a similar level.