Tune Your Ukulele to an Audio Clip - dummies

Tune Your Ukulele to an Audio Clip

By Alistair Wood

The wonders of modern technology provide an opportunity to tune your ukulele to an audio clip on the Internet. For the basic and popular gCEA ukulele tuning, play this track of the ukulele tuning notes and use it to get your ukulele in tune.

Listen to the first note played (g) and play your open g-string (the first one) at the same time. You’re aiming to get the two sounds exactly the same. Twist your uke’s tuner to change the pitch of the string until the note in the clip and the note on your ukulele sound exactly the same. The notes are in gCEA order and each is repeated four times. Repeat the process for each string.

This process takes a bit of practice. Don’t worry if you have to listen to the clip a few times before you feel satisfied with your tuning.

Tune up to a note rather than down to it. Tightening the string makes it less likely to slip. So if you find that your string sounds too high, tune it down so that it sounds lower than the note you’re aiming for. Then tune up until the string is in tune.