The Swiss Army Ukulele Strum - dummies

The Swiss Army Ukulele Strum

By Alistair Wood

When you find yourself stuck for a ukulele strumming pattern, the Swiss army strum is a good one to pick because it fits so many songs really well. Plus, you can play it fast or slow.

In tab, the Swiss army strum looks like this:


A few elements make the Swiss army strumming pattern more interesting than some others. The first is obvious when you write out what you’re actually strumming: down, down-up, up-down. Yep, you’ve got two up strums together. So after the first up strum, you need to move your hand down without hitting the strings. Check out the Swiss army strum video to see how it works.

If you’re counting, you have to count: “one, two, and three and four.” But you have to remember not to strum on the three.