Singing in Your Middle Voice - dummies

By Pamelia S. Phillips

The following exercises give you a chance to work your middle singing voice by itself. Use the vowels listed underneath to help you find your middle voice sound.

  • Guys: Middle voice for a male singer isn’t nearly as wide a range as the middle voice for a female. This exercise was designed with the female voice in mind. Sing along with the male voice on the track, but know that you’re moving from middle voice to chest voice if you sing the pattern down one octave.

  • Dolls: The illustration below was designed specifically with your middle voice range in mind.


The following illustration shows a pattern that helps you explore your middle voice by gradually working your way up to the top of your middle voice.

  • Guys: This exercise was designed with the female voice in mind. A male voice sings along so you guys know what to do when you join in. This pattern starts just below your middle voice but gradually works its way into middle voice. Listen to the male voice sing the pattern for you so you know what the male voice sounds like.

    Notice that the difference in feeling between the notes in chest voice and middle voice is only slight in the first few repetitions of this pattern. You feel a change as the notes get higher in your middle voice.

  • Dolls: This pattern purposely starts low in your middle voice. Notice how the vibrations change slightly as you move higher in pitch. You sing the pattern to the top of your middle voice.


The pattern in the following illustration specifically works the male middle voice range. Ladies, you can work your middle voice when singing this pattern if you sing the pattern one octave higher than what’s written in the figure.

  • Guys: Your starting note is the first note that the piano plays. The pattern gradually moves through your middle voice range. You can feel that the sound is higher than your speaking voice, but not as high as the sounds you make in the highest part of your range.

  • Dolls: Even though the pattern below is written down an octave, sing the patterns an octave higher than written to work your middle voice. Listen to the piano play the second note, which is the note you use to start this pattern. This pattern also works your middle voice, but it’s written out differently than the patterns in the earlier illustrations so that the men can understand where their middle voice starts.


Listen as the male singer demonstrates the pattern in the below illustration in his middle voice. The sound is lighter than chest voice, but not as high or light as head voice.

  • Guys: This pattern sits right in your middle voice range. Notice how the male voice sounds as the singer starts the note solidly in his middle voice. You’ll want to open the space in the back of your mouth and throat and take a breath before you begin the pattern.

  • Dolls: This pattern is in your middle voice range if you sing the pattern one octave higher than what’s written on the page. Use the vowel listed underneath the pattern, just as the guys do.