Making those First Singing Sounds - dummies

Making those First Singing Sounds

By Pamelia S. Phillips

You already can make singing sounds — you just may not realize it. Working through the sounds in the following steps can start you on the road to singing. Making these sounds helps you discover how to make tension-free sounds that explore your entire singing range.

Make the following sounds:

  1. Try sighing — a nice, long sigh.

    A sigh is that sound you make as you feel the warmth of the whirlpool or the relaxation of your body as someone massages your shoulders. As you sigh, make the sound as long as possible. Start higher and gradually slide lower.

  2. Imitate a siren.

    Slide up and down or around in circles a few times, exploring high and low pitches. Those pitches in the siren are the same pitches you sing in many singing exercises.

  3. Whoop with joy.

    Another way to explore the first sounds is to use your imagination. Pretend that someone just told you that you won the lottery. Rather than screaming, try whooping with joy.