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Attendees at Your Singing Audition

By Pamelia S. Phillips

Although you knew your audition wouldn’t be a private affair, its important to know who the attendees are and the role they play in the audition. For every musical production from a video to a musical to a singing contest, a producer, musical director, stage manager, choreographer, director, casting director, and general manager run the show.

These are theater bosses who hold the line. You may see any or all of them at your audition.

  • Producer: Pays the money, or finds it, so the show can go on.

  • General manager: Keeps up with how the money is spent.

  • Casting director: Calls in the actors to audition for the parts in the show or talks with their agents.

  • Director: Acts as the guide and traffic cop for all the actors on the stage.

  • Musical director: Shoulders the responsibility for the quality of the music in the production. Tasks may involve everything from working on arrangements for specific numbers to playing the piano at performances. When the musical director isn’t available, the rehearsal pianist is called in.

  • Choreographer: Creates the staging or directions for who moves when and where during the show.

  • Conductor: Waves her arms in time to the music so that the musicians in the orchestra pit and the singers onstage can follow along.

  • Stage manager: Keeps everybody and everything in order.

Be nice to everyone at an audition. You never know who you’re talking to. That person may be the director’s assistant — or he may end up directing the next show you audition for.