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Keeping an Eye on the Big Picture in the Music Business

By Loren Weisman

A gig is more than a gig in the music business. A song is more than the final mix. The marketing is going to take up more time than the recording and performing put together. So how do you focus on the individual tasks while continue to see and work for the bigger picture?

It’s not as much about the idea of multitasking; it’s more about making every task have multiple results.

It’s okay to get caught up in the moment and enjoy it for what it is. Whether tracking day in the studio, mixing down a song, performing a great show, seeing a great sales, or even having a fabulous interview, it’s important to have fun. That’s part of what it’s about — the fun of it, the moments, and the individual experiences.

Still, without taking away from the pleasure of those individual moments, look at the bigger picture, apply the elements of your writing, productions, recording, and performing in the right way. This will make certain work feel easier and reduce the workload down the line, because of the early planning and advanced organization.

By keeping an eye on the big picture, which includes success with sustainability and strong marketing that creates opportunity, you can make those small things translate into bigger results down the line.

Creating and producing your music

Creating and producing your music involves more than just downloading that final take of the song you want to release. As you record the song, think about the different mixes and versions that you can make. Look at the bigger picture and mix down a couple short samples of the song, and maybe mix a no-vocals version that could be used as a karaoke track.

It’s all about creating future opportunities off of a single goal. Have your production plan in the studio with all the different ways you can make those sessions benefit you today and in the future, even with a single track.

It’s more than just a show

Enjoy those shows and let that energy make you happy. For many musicians, performing is the root of the dream.

From booking through post-show follow-up, your actions at one performance can showcase your dedication and professionalism. By showcasing your professional side, you can bet that booking agents, talent buyer, and venue managers will want to work with you and enable you to do what you do best — play on stage.