Items to Take when You’re DJing - dummies

Items to Take when You’re DJing

Part of DJing For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

You want to travel light when you DJ, but you also don’t want to forget any vital items. Print out and pin this list to your door so you never forget the important stuff!

  • Records/CDs/laptop/hard-drive. Remember your music, and something to clean records or CDs with.

  • Headphones and slipmats. Not all clubs have them. Remember the headphone adaptor too!

  • Digital recorder/blank CD. Try to record everything you do for reference.

  • Demo tapes/CDs/MiniDiscs. You never know when the right person will ask you for a demo.

  • Tools. A small screwdriver set and some duct-tape can save the night.

  • Pen and paper. For requests, your drink orders, and giving out and taking phone numbers.

  • Something to drink (non-alcoholic). An energy drink will keep you going through the night.

  • Something to eat. You can devour jelly babies or an energy bar in between mixes.

  • Car and house keys. Don’t laugh; you may have forgotten them before. Not fun.

  • Business cards. Keep your business cards in your wallet so they’re on hand to give out to interested folks.

  • Chill compilation for the ride home. To come down after the high of the best night of your life.