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Here are just some of the nice things our customers have said about us:

Skype For Dummies

I just wanted to thank Wiley for the “Dummies.com” website, it’s newsletters, and the sweepstakes that are offered. I recently purchased, “Skype for Dummies,” after only being able to get it through Inter-Library Loan with my local library system. Then I couldn’t keep it long enough so I bought a copy!! And it has in it EXACTLY what I need to know to start using Skype! When you don’t have the money for long distance calls in the U.S., much less to friends in Australia and Canada, either by land-line or cell phone, Skype becomes important!! IF I had had Skype about six months ago, I would have been on one of the BBC’s World News live talk programs as an invited guest to give my opinion and input!! Darn it all!! I missed a WONDERFUL opportunity!! Now with your book, I can get going with Skype!!

Thanks very much for your books for “Dummies!!” P.S. Even people with both a college degree AND a graduate degree, sometimes need “Dummies” help!!

-Pat C.

Wine For Dummies

I just graduated from Rutgers University, and during my last semester there, I enrolled in the coveted “Wine Insights” course, which only admits 30 students per semester. I came into the class excited and ready to learn but was met with a class full of students who raved about their summers abroad to the finest wine countries in Europe, who pronounced their wines with a seemingly appropriate French accent, and had been drinking wine during family dinners for years. I, on the other hand, had never drank a glass of wine, had only been to Canada when I was two years old, and drank cans of Coke and Mountain Dew with the family during dinners. What I thought was going to be a fun and enriching class turned out to be a full workload of translating my professor’s wine speak into colloquial English, rising above the borderline wine snobbery, and decoding my own scribbled notes of things like “Boredoo” to “Bordeaux.” I ended up studying for wine every day, though by the end of each study session, I just felt defeated and ultimately intimidated by my more experienced and knowledgeable wine peers. Two days before the first exam, I panicked. I had studied for weeks and still could not understand any of my lecture notes. So I called up my sister, who told me that when she took wine in college, the required text was “Wine for Dummies.” She suggested I go pick up a copy, and so, I did–the very last copy at the campus bookstore. I went back to the library and opened to the first chapter. It said, “The journey begins here,” followed by a lighthearted cartoon of “wine snobs.” Even though at that point I should have been cramming, I forgot about studying and began to feel such a simple joy of wanting to know more, wanting to learn. The message of the book was clear: No one knows everything about wine, but anyone can learn about wine. I never studied abroad or even really traveled abroad, but “Wine for Dummies” served as my temporary passport and my casual wine connoisseur. This book truly was an equalizer for me; it made me feel like I was not inferior to my peers or the subject of wine. Ending up with the highest grade in the class for that semester, rewarded with an autographed copy of “The Chateauneuf-du-Pape Wine Book” by Harry Karis, was just a bonus 🙂 Thank you, Dummies Team.

-Christine C.

For Dummies Books

The reason I am replying however is I that wanted to send a quick thank you to the people responsible for these books. I am a mature student (26 years old) and just started my Aerospace Engineering degree program this past September. It had been a long time since I was in high school and was having a lot of issues at the beginning and that is why I bought the first one, Calculus for Dummies. Through a combination of the dummies books and getting a rhythm down in my studying I have pulled my mark in 2 math classes from C to A. There have been a handful of other students in my classes that have looked to your books as well after my success. Once I am finished with my copies I plan to donate them to the Mechanical and Aerospace Society at the University as I know there will be others who will benefit from them.

I just felt the need to give your company an official “Thank you.”

-Kevin Y.