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Spotlight is a desktop search utility that helps you search your Mac files. Spotlight enables you to easily lay your hands on the documents, pictures, e-mail messages, and other programs you need at any particular moment. Over time, Mac users accumulate thousands of photos, songs, school reports, work projects, contacts, calendar entries, and you name it. Spotlight helps you locate them in a blink, giving out search results before you finish typing.

What’s even better is that Spotlight can uncover material within documents and files. That’s incredibly useful if you can’t remember what you named a file. And as long as your machine has Leopard, Spotlight lets you search inside the files of any other Mac with Leopard on your network, provided sharing is turned on.

To use Spotlight:


Click the magnifying glass icon in the upper-right corner of the menu bar or press Command and the spacebar simultaneously.

Select the box under Spotlight in System Preferences if the shortcut doesn’t work. The Spotlight search box appears.


Enter a word or phrase you want to search for.

The instant you type the first letter, a window shows up with what Spotlight considers the most likely search matches. The search is immediately refined as you type extra keystrokes. Searching is so fast you’ll see results more quickly than it takes you to read this sentence.

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