One good strategy for getting ready for whichever military flight aptitude test(s) you plan to take is set yourself up a study schedule. This suggestion will help you slowly but surely work your way up to test day, set yourself up for success on that day, and put your best foot forward on the test itself.

Preparation for and commitment to the task ahead can mean all the difference in your future occupation. When the task is testing into your dream service branch, that means taking a good, objective look at what you know, what you need to brush up on, and how hard you need to work to reach your goal.

It can’t be stressed enough that in order to be successful (at the aptitude test and anything else), you must know where you are; know where you want to be; have a plan to get there; and stick to the plan. This section gives you some study tips and guidelines to ensure your overall success.

Getting ready for the military flight aptitude test is a process that requires dedication and determination. You must remain committed to improving the required skills. A proper study schedule is going to eat up a lot, if not most, of your free time; you have to be prepared to resist temptations and distractions as much as possible.

Depending on how far out you are from the planned day of testing, you should commit to test preparation of at least two to three hours per day.

If at all possible, start your schedule at least three to six months before your first exam (the more time the better) and plan to schedule at least a month between each branch service test you intend to take. Continue evaluating your progress and adjust your study time as necessary if you aren’t improving as quickly as you want/need to.