When taking a military flight aptitude test, you need to understand the correlation between the aircraft flight instruments and the relative position of the airframe in 3-D perspective. You must comprehend how the different flight instruments are connected to give you an overall view of the aircraft at a particular point in space.

The test gives you pictures of a situational view of an aircraft, and you must be able to correctly decide what the cockpit instruments will look like for that particular aircraft attitude. Because the gauges may be difficult to read when they’re reduced to fit in the cockpit dashboard in these figures, the gauges are duplicated here in a slightly enlarged view. Following are examples of how the aircraft instruments correlate to the aircraft attitude.

image0.jpg image1.jpg image2.jpg

Here is an example of how the question might appear on the test.

In the figure, which of the four aircraft attitudes pictured is the correct aircraft as depicted by the aircraft instruments?


  • (A) Aircraft A

  • (B) Aircraft B

  • (C) Aircraft C

  • (D) Aircraft D

The correct answer is (A).